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Sol Kasimer




Married. Father of X?

A Bit About Me

I was born in a DP camp in Austria where my father was an active Zionist who supported and aided many Jews in the process of immigrating to Israel.  I graduated from McGill University with a BSc and obtained an MSc from Purdue University in Psychology.  I am married to Rachel Guttenberg (daughter of the late Bella Guttenberg Taichman, a well-known Montreal Hebrew teacher) and have two wonderful daughters and a beautiful two-year old grandson.

I have been an active leader in the Canadian charitable sector for many years as a CEO and a member of many charitable boards of directors and I currently continue to volunteer. 

It is heartwarming to have an organization such as Renewal Toronto actively searching for kidney donors to support individuals like me.  I sincerely thank Renewal for all their efforts.

My journey with kidney failure

June 2025 - April 2026

July 2024 - May 2025

January 2023 - June 2024

Describe first diagnosis and family history.

Describe symptoms and life on dialysis.

Describe donor search and tug on the heart strings.

Now I need your help to find a life-saving match!

To find out more about living kidney donation:

To register to donate your kidney to Sol:

To make a financial donation to help Sol and others in need:

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