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Suzanne Keppler




Husband, Bill
Daughter, An Rui

A Bit About Me

I was born at the Brooklyn Jewish Hospital and grew up in Great Neck, NY, but have lived in downtown Toronto since 1981. We sent our daughter to the Downtown Jewish Community School and I served on its board for ten years, including a stint as president.

I am an active member of the First Narayever Congregation and I volunteer for various causes in the downtown Jewish community. I still work full-time, as a reporting manager for a nonprofit granting agency and I stay physically active doing the things that I love: yoga, hiking, and swimming. 


Our 22 year old daughter lives with us at home while she is completing her studies at the University of Toronto.

My siblings either have the same inherited kidney disease or an autoimmune disease. My husband tried to donate but was rejected. There is little potential for a family donor, so I am reaching out to you in the hope that you might think about donating a kidney. 

My journey with kidney failure




Diagnosed with glomerulonephritis -
a chronic kidney disease

Kidney function dropped below 15% and my nephrologist encouraged me to find a living donor

Will have to start dialysis if I don't find a kidney donor soon

Now I need your help to find a life-saving match!

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